Walk Your Dog Better!

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Do your walks with your dog involve going up and down the same path on a tight leash at a brisk pace?

That doesn’t sound like much fun for your dog now, does it?

Most of ours dogs are cooped up inside for long hours and walks are their time to get some fresh air, explore, socialise and put their powerful noses to good use! It’s that time for them to just be a dog! It’s not just cardio time. Walks are very important for both mental stimulation and physical exercise. And it should be fun for your dog!

Here are some tips to improve your walks with your dog:

1.Hold A Loose Leash: Let your dog be on a loose leash. Leashes are for guidance, not control. Allow your dog to move freely.

2. Use A Harness: Using a harness is much better and more comfortable for your dog than using a collar. Collars put pressure on your dog’s neck, specifically the thyroid glands which can cause a multitude of issues. Watch this video to see why harnesses are better than collars.


3. Walk At Your Dog’s Pace: Walks are for your dog. They’re not just that thing you have to get done with as quickly as possible. They are not just for cardio. Walks are super important for mental stimulation and they should be at your dog’s pace.


4. Let Your Dog Sniff! : Our dogs have a a really great sense of smell and it’s important that sense is put to use. Allow your dog to sniff as much as she wants. They learn a lot through sniffing. Think of it as school time for your dog.

5. Allow Your Dog To Decide: Ask your dog which route she should like to take. Ask your dog what she wants to do when out on a walk for example if she wants to meet that dog over there or if she wants to go find a stick. Making decisions helps boost your dog’s self confidence and is essential for the overall development.

Allow your dog to sniff pee and poop, to decide where she wants to pee and poop and to pee as many times as she wants. Dogs communicate to each other via their defecations.


6. Change Routes: Change your dog’s walking route once in a while. You can also make small changes like changing the direction of the walk even if it’s in the same area or walking on the other side of the road. Changing routes makes it more fun for your dog and ensures there are more things for your dog to explore.

This video by Bangalore Hundeskole is worth the watch. It shows you really well on how to make walks better for your dog!

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