Do’s and Don’ts for Holi — the festival of colours

The festival of colours is around the corner, and here are a few things to keep in mind for the safety of your puppy.

  1. DO NOT throw wet/dry colours on them as these contain chemicals such as lead, metal oxides and mica which can cause skin allergies and a host of other problems.
  2. DO make sure that no colours or related substance enters the nasal cavity or the eyes, as it may cause respiratory disorders and other infections.
  3. DO make sure they are kept clean after the event as they have a tendency to lick themselves which can cause ingestion of harmful contents.
  4. DO use a mild shampoo to clean them or visit the veterinarian, if they have colours on them. Dogs with thicker coats need a more thorough wash if they come in contact with colours.
  5. DO NOT use kerosene or paint remover for removing colours as this may cause irritation/allergies later.
  6. DO watch out for any symptoms of irritation, vomiting, sneezing, loose motions or aggressive behavioural changes. Rush them to a vet immediately.

We, at Waggle, want the best for (y)our dogs. Have a happy and safe Holi!

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