Four years at Waggle

It’s been four years since we started Waggle and it’s been a journey like no other. Late nights, product discussions, market strategies, red bulls, code, you name it and we’ve had our share of it.

It started when Samira Abraham (no longer working with us) and I realized we cannot travel anywhere unless we find a safe option to leave our furball, Zoe. As first time dog parent, little did we know, at that time, that we were solving a problem that all dog owners faced.

Having no experience in marketing, support, branding or any of the many facets of running a business, Waggle was more of an experiment than a venture. The initial few days were exciting as the concept was very new in India and even abroad, there were only a few platforms similar to this.

I remember the time we went hunting for potential hosts in Bangalore on Facebook and Google, met them for coffee and convinced to list themselves on Waggle. When we launched, we had 5 hosts in Bangalore! Then there was the challenge of getting a payment gateway. Everyone, when they heard the word “dog”, declined to provide us with a payment gateway — they thought we were selling dogs. Our then hosts were super sweet to collect the money from the initial customers and hand over our service charges.

Waggle suffered a slump from 2014 to 2016 due to changes in the team. Customer satisfaction was at it’s lowest and MAUs dropped. The few who came to the site left out of frustration on using the platform or because they were unable to reach someone from the team.

Now, we have an energetic team passionate about dogs and who want to make sure that no puppy is left in a kennel because their owners are travelling. We don’t do it for the money — we do it purely for the love of dogs, as cliched as it might sound.

Now, we know Waggle works — we are in over 6 cities in India with 450 hosts signed up on the platform. Anyone who has left their puppy with a host on Waggle knows this is true.

This year, we’ve set some lofty goals for ourselves.

  1. We want to make sure that our customer support is top-notch and nothing short. Our users should be able to reach us easily and find homes for their babies.
  2. We want every pet parent(potential too) to know that owning a dog does not mean you can’t travel anymore. You need a break and this time, we are around to make sure that your puppy has a barking time while you’re away.
  3. You shouldn’t have to make 100 phone calls to find the perfect home for your puppy. Our platform should be the best way to connect to that perfect home for your puppy.

The last four years have been tremendous learning for me, personally. While the journey has been interesting with all it’s ups and downs, I can’t wait to get on the next roller-coaster ride that is this year.

So from me, thank you for understanding that we are not perfect. We get it wrong more often than right, but it’s your continued support that makes us want to be the best platform to find the right home for your furball!

Watch out, we are going to blow your mind this year! :)

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